Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Having a blast...

Interesting things seem to happen to me, and a whole lotta interesting things happened to me together last weekend.

I chipped a tooth, and finally realized that it is a far smarter option to first examine anything I'm going to eat for small rocks and other assorted unbreakable things.

A high-voltage power line close to my house somehow managed to send a surge through my home wiring. I strongly suspect the cable TV operator of hanky-panky, but can't prove a thing right now. Lost a television set and a DVD player. Drats, both had tremendous sentimental value, not to mention financial value. Guess I'll have to live without the player for a while. I had a narrow escape too. My computer modem got burned while I was surfing the Net. A fuse from the switchboard just decided to fly off and chose a trajectory close to my right ear. Close shave.

As a follow up to the accident, I got out my old 33.6K modem to replace the burned one. Surprise! It works, and I get better download speeds than with the 56K one.

Pavan called up because he wanted to meet up - to share some of the chocolates he got from Malaysia. Yum..Am counting on more from his impending trip to Thailand.

I've got the feeling this week is going to bring in more surprises. I'll wait...


Abhijit Pai said...

So dont they say that old is Gold..
Well any ways this is the time for some change.. isnt it..