Thursday, January 03, 2008

Moral Values

Today's coffee table conversation revolved around the Juhu J.W. Marriot incident involving 2 women being molested in public by a mob. Having heard my friends' views, I realized that this incident was disturbing on more levels than one. So what is worse? Which of these affects you most? I'm most curious to know.

1. Women molested by a mob in a public place?
2. Drunk people on the streets 'celebrating new year'?
3. Cops who think such behavior is commonplace and accept it with equanimity?
4. Men who think they can get away with molesting/harassing someone in public and actually getting away because nobody can prove anything or is bothered to?
5. Women who are outnumbered and reasonably defenseless and yet challenge a drunk, surly crowd?
6. Journalists who prioritize documenting the event and are able to distance themselves from the event while it is taking place?
7. Policemen who actually mention jurisdictional issues to a couple of sobbing women being publicly harassed?
8. A 'responsible' newspaper, which publishes photographs of the hapless women being stripped in public?
9. The victims who would prefer to not file a complaint because of the hassles involved in bringing the criminals to justice?
10. That the state would rather ask you to stay indoors for safety than provide you the security due to you in a democracy?
11. Realizing that the safest city in India (for women) is no longer safe?

This is not really meant to be a poll, but my exercise in understanding the urban psyche. Please do comment.