Friday, December 24, 2010

Mood I and Katatonia

It took days of planning, following up, online purchase of tickets/passes, standing in line at 11 PM for pass collection, and skipping work half day for me to get IIT, Powai to see Katatonia perform live. What a waste!

As good as they are in the studio, the live concert was unimpressive. But that could have been salvaged except that the people who turned up were, for want of a better adjective, stupendously terrible. Most people around me appeared like they were there for want of a better thing to do, and would have preferred Anu Malik or 'imesh on stage any day. And they shimmied instead of head-banging! Bah!

Now need to get to Chennai with hopes that Pain of Salvation will erase this experience for me when they play at Saarang '10.

Katatonia photos, again from my cellphone -