Saturday, May 21, 2005

What makes your day?

I bet there's a lot of different answers to that one. I got mine this morning. I was in a foul mood in the morning today. All of two hours of sleep and loads of coffee tend to do that to me. I came across a girl on my way to the station. She wasn't really pretty and on any other day I would even have seen her. But then I noticed this really silly grin on her face. I instinctively tried to identify her partner/s who must've said something funny. No partner. Going solo and still grinning. I imagined myself slapping my forehead - A mobile phone and a hands-free kit! You can survive with virtual friends with those two. But as she got closer, I noticed that she was'nt on a phone. Now what kind of a person walks around on a hot morning grinning to oneself? Blam! A particularly happy one, that's who.

Now I'm infected. Been grinning at everyone since morning. Can't really explain it. Suddenly life does'nt seem that bad. Monkey, someone called me. Can't help showing my teeth nonetheless. Happy, while it lasts.