Wednesday, May 18, 2005

windows woes (or how i learned to stop worrying and love the MS bomb)

I spent the good part of the last hour resuscitating my OS. The fact that I am now posting here is testament to the success of my efforts.
I have XP pro. I belonged to some domain. I decided to change it to a workgroup. XP decided to never let me log on again.
Before resorting to reinstalling the OS, like other wise men I sought help from google while my asinine housemate kept giggling like a teenage girl who has just discovered boys.
With my super searching expertise I dug this:
Reset NT password
Two things I found out:
1. XP pro indeed has this bug that locks you out of your own system if you change the domain. How can you not hate this OS for all its foibles?
2. Anyone can change passwords if a user is not using EFS encryption, which is the norm. har har. One has to simply love this OS for all the holes it has.
I created a boot floppy while the aforementioned housemate smirked. I booted and reset my password. Lo and behold, not only could I log on to my new domain but now I have the weapon to log into most computers around me. NT users have to watch out for the floppy slinging hacker. Feels so righteous. Gotta love this OS. Me? I'm gonna EFS encrypt my files.
Should I even consider installing 3rd party software to make my taskbar look decent?