Sunday, June 12, 2005

Video Game Violence

There are two camps. One that believes violent video games can corrupt the mind and the other that believes they are healthy outlets for violence within. OK, maybe there are others who dont care either ways, but they aint camping here.

As an avid gamer I strictly belong to the latter camp. Now I am reconsidering my stance. It is one thing to kill grotesque monsters a la DOOM, QUAKE, HALF LIFE. But now we have a new breed of action adventure games that are based in real world like environments. I am talking of GRAND THEFT AUTO and MAFIA. It was six straight hours of MAFIA that got me thinking. In the game you can simply run over annoying pedestrains crossing the street (among other pleasures such as watching other human characters writhe in a pool of their own blood before dying). As I was driving the next day a real time movie kept playing in my head. What if I run over this schmuck? What if I jump this signal?

What if someone does not switch from video game world to real world?