Thursday, August 18, 2005

A year older

Another birthday has gone by. I'm older and wiser on account of another year's experience. I'm deader by another year. I've competed with other viruses, germs, animals, and homo sapiens (not that they all behave differently) for survival and beat most of them (I must be in the top zillion survivors at least) . I still have a good number of friends. I haven't made too many enemies. I'm only reasonably obnoxious. I've changed jobs twice in the past year but am relatively stable now. I swam through a flood, been through malaria, and survived numerous life-threatening attempts to get me married. Now that I'm 27, should I give in now to parental pressure? So many things to think about, especially since it's late and I'm still working in office with daily deadlines.
Not a really bad scene so far. I'm optimistic nothing much will change by my next birthday.


priti said...

Life threatening threats for getting u married.....joke of the millenium!!!!!
My heartfelt sympathies and condolences in advance to the poor girl who will end up with u.....:)
Belated birthday anyways n ya please try not to give in to parental pressure (i mean y ruin anyone esles life:))