Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Annual Office Party

Our annual office party happened last friday. There were approximately 500 people grouped together on the partially complete sixth floor of our office building. A lot of people who are usually unnoticed suddenly transmorgified into male models and divas. There were palm readers and a facereader to tell all those interested their future.

The music sucked and everyone was supposed to dance. I tried, I really did. So all those hurt physically on account of my efforts have only the management to blame. And anyway, the accidents wouldn't have happened if they hadn't asked people to dance and also provided incentive in the form of beverages whose names start with 'be' and end with 'er'. Oh, well, I think I had a good time later on, when the guitars came out and we sat in the stairwell singing popular songs. We can definitely do with more of these events.

Uhh, back to the grind now...