Friday, January 27, 2006

Book Post!

I'm still trying to recover from a serious bout of uncontrolled cash outflow. Yes, I could have put it simply as ' I've spent too much, and I'm broke', that doesn't really say how erudite I am, does it?

I went to the Strand book sale at Fort yesterday, and suffered a moment of weakness where my hands and my credit card managed a successful coup on my brain. The company of colleagues from office finally helped my brain overthrow the ruling parties and normalcy was restored in a couple of hours. By then the damage was done and I was carrying some books in my bag which, at any other time, I wouldn't have dared purchase.

I have enough reading matter to last me a month though. Here's a list of what I bought, I think I'll write a short note on each of these once I'm through with them.

1. Jack Kerouac - On the Road
2. Jean Paul Sartre - The Age of Reason
3. Franz Kafka - Selected Stories
4. Graham Greene - The Heart of the Matter
5. Ruskin Bond - Selected Ghost Stories