Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Of flutes and old men

I went to the Jethro Tull concert yesterday. What can I say, the old man rocks.

Alms for Shanti, an Indian band, was the opening act and did they suck. I bet the crowd did not boo them off for the sole reason that Ian Anderson salvaged the act by joining them for a couple of tracks.

Ian turned out to be an amazing, hilarious actor with his witticisms and funny comments on other bands like Bryan Adams and Pink Floyd. An hour of good music later, I was out of the place looking for a place to have dinner. Unfortunately for me, yesterday turned out to be the day the police displaced all the food vendors from the train station, and I ended up wandering about on an empty stomach until I managed to buy some chips and biscuits from a store about to close.

Thank yous go out to my friend Pavan and his boss in office for getting me free passes to the show.