Monday, June 19, 2006

Grass Flower Part II

I took home roses and orchids and
Even the grass flower made pretty by drops of rain
For I knew that pleasure is ephemeral
Much like the life of the grass flower once pretty in the rain

Should I ponder over her long after she is gone?
Should I grieve over the inevitability of impermanence?
Or should I smile that she filled my life
With happiness and warmth like did the grass flower once?


iNFiNiteSaDNeSS said...

A few learned people have debated whether our goal ought to be pleasure or happiness. Pleasure being defined as a short-term feeling, and happiness as long-term one. Apparently all even remotely religious people strive for happiness, sacrificing pleasure in the process. I wonder why momentary pleasure is considered sin.

vickedvay said...

I can see your point about how some people consider momentary pleasure as sin. I can think of
a. gorging on a chocolate sundae
b. sex
c. heavy metal
d. racing the schmuck in the next lane while giving him the finger and eyeing his gorgeous passenger

Oh man, I am doomed to eternal damnation.