Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Restaurant review

There's a popular restaurant in Mahim called Goa Portuguesa/Culture Curry. Excellent food, polite service, expensive, and a singer/guitarist who insists on singing Goan songs right next to you while you're eating. Emboldened by the fact that someone from the restaurant actually called me up to wish me a happy birthday, and let me know that I would receive a free drink and a discount if I had dinner there on my b'day, I treated my friends to dinner there. It turned out to be a terrible experience in spite of the good food.
1. In spite of reminding the manager and the waiter that it was my b'day and that I expected a discount, I received an undiscounted bill.
2. My friend was served an unwashed DIRTY, fingerbowl. The trainee waiter took it away, and then brought it back AGAIN.

A few 'polite' words with the manager yielded an apology and a discounted bill, with the amount reduced by an amount less that what was originally stated. And I forgot to mention, the free drink was randomly substituted by a piece of cake and a 'birthday song' by the house musician.

Don't think I'm ever going back there ever again. And for the dirty, unwashed containers, I recommend you not go there ever either.