Friday, October 27, 2006


I doubt I'll ever know what they feel when they are gliding over the tree tops. Do they feel happiness that they are no longer on the ground? Do they 'like' the air pushing them back. I think I'll like it. Do they 'know' if they can fly before their first flight? I don't. If they have worries, do they forget about them when they are in the air? I'd like to.

Are they afraid when they step off the ledge? Do they have apprehensions about falling? I do. Are they sure of being able to fly every time they step off the ledge? I'd like to know. But there are only twelve floors between me and the pavement. I'll know what it feels like in a moment. I'm only a step away from the edge.


vickedvay said...

thats what they call birdbrain.
seriously, birds are not capable of too much thought and you should channel your depression into songwriting.