Saturday, October 14, 2006

Notes from Kolkata

This time tomorrow, I should be in Kolkata. I have come back after a prolonged self-imposed blog-exile to announce that I should now be blogging more frequently. Apparently Kolkata's a lazy city, and there's not much to do after dark. [If anyone can recommend places I 'should not' be visiting, now is the time to let me know.]

I shall be spending some time in the city, work of course, and frankly, I have no clue what Kolkatans [I hope I've got that right; I would have said Bongs, but that is possibly derogatory] do for entertainment. Rasgullas are the last thing on my mind, so please let me know about the night life there. [And yes I am quite aware that not all Bangla women look like Bipasha Basu and Sushmita Sen, thanks.]