Monday, February 19, 2007

Roger Waters and Pigs in the Sky

Roger Waters was here!

I see the statement is not self-explanatory for everyone - Roger Waters, 'creative genius' of the psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd, performed in Mumbai on the 18th of February as part of his current Dark Side of the Moon tour.

I've not always been appreciative of Waters' creativity; I've always liked Syd Barrett songs, but Waters blew me away with his amazing performance yesterday. Being skeptical of Waters performing solo, and with the adverts promising that he would perform Dark Side of the Moon, I was at first reluctant to spring for tickets. I did, eventually, and got the cheapest tickets available, and realized the show would have been well-worth the most expensive tickets available.

I reached the venue (MMRDA grounds, Bandra-Kurla complex) at 4.45 PM with my friend Pavan, expecting the gates to open at 5 PM. By a stroke of luck, I also ended up at the beginning of the queue to get in. Having been let in round 5.30, we soon identified the best places to stand, next to the barriers separating us from those who bought the pricier tickets. Most people got in by 6.30, and the large screens were clearly visible sevenish, post sunset. Roger Waters came on stage at 7.20 with an interesting first set comprising Set Your Controls for the Heart of the Sun, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Have a Cigar, Wish You Were Here, and Fletcher Memorial Home. With intermittent Bush-bashing, the set also featured Leaving Beirut, and my personal favorite - Sheep, complete with a huge, inflatable, helium-pig-balloon being released into the sky. [I'm really curious to see the reaction of the poor sod who woke up today with a humongous pig straddling his TV antenna - 'Honey there's a 40-foot flying pig on the antenna']

The second set was all Dark Side of the Moon, complete with amazing psychedelic imagery, surround sound, and of course an unbeatable live performance by Dave Kilminister on lead guitar. Waters pulled a stunt by walking off stage 9.45, and then came back to screams of 'more. more', and ended the session with the ever-popular Another rick in the Wall, Pt.2, and Comfortably Numb.

All in all, Roger Waters rocked, and how! Respect. Anytime again, don't care how old he is.

Highlights/Weirdlights -
Seemed like every foreigner in India was at the show.
Women in skimpy designer wear? At a Waters/Floyd show?
Lots of young kids - black metal tees and jeans/cutoffs
Weed, grass, lots of it
Alcohol, of course
Flashing flashbulbs during dark moments


mandar talvekar said...

Much envy comesh

Ro said...

NAHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!!! I CANNOT believe this. Last time around I'd missed Dire Straits and now Roger Waters. Talk about sucky luck!

vickedvay said...

you like syd barrett songs? that's LSD talk, man. name one good barrett song. the best thing that happened to floyd was the departure of barrett.