Thursday, February 01, 2007

There's got to be better ways to do this....

So how do you get to know more people? Make new friends? And how long does it take to know someone and how well do you need to know someone before you can consider him to be your friend? Here's an e-mail conversation I had with a totally unknown lady -

s******* wrote:
Hi dear, can I add you to my msgr list?

-------------iNFiNiteSaDNeSS wrote:
Do I know you from somewhere? Or is this a random thing?

-------------s******* wrote:
hey dear
i saw ur id in my frens list
and i just thought to approach u for frenship
hope u dont mind

-------------iNFiNiteSaDNeSS wrote:
Hey, I don't mind at all, as long as you are a legal adult, look swell, are in a dating phase of life, and don't actually resemble the photograph you've put up here. I'm curious, who's your friend who knows me?

-------------s******* wrote:
hi dear
is it possible we can have chat on msgr
my id is s*******
add me in ur frens list

Instant friends, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Hey, if you are that pure a soul then why did you even bother to reply back to this so called friend seeker? I guess there was an IGNORE button or BLOCK button on your chat you could have used that in case you weren't interested! or were you replying to her just because you wanted to compile stuffs for your blog???
Men and their fancies...huh!

daysleeper said...

this happens to guys too???