Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Usual One

Yearly routine - birthday comes and goes. I usually post boring details of a boring life. On this day, I usually post more depressing, pseudo-humorous, self-deprecating details of a boring life. Things have happened since my last birthday - not to me, but to the world in general. There seems to be more of the misery to share, less of the capitalist riches coming my way, and worst of all, my mom is determined to marry me off to the first woman who asks. But on the bright side, I have discovered I have super powers. I have realized that I have these powers for some time now, but was afraid to let everyone know because these powers could be misused if I were to be kidnapped by evil megalomaniacs.

I first realized my powers when I noticed the street lamp at Shivaji Park used to flicker every time I passed under it. Sometimes it even used to switch off entirely and not start again for the next five minutes. Soon after I was noticing other things - the urinal always flushed before I was done (man, that is some power!);BEST bus number 324 almost always never arrives at the bus stand while I'm there; the cybercafe always has slow download speeds when I'm in there; the smoke alarm never goes off in case of fire when I'm around (I saw the fire warden once put lit incense sticks under the smoke alarm for a drill and the alarm never even squeaked).

Well, well, come to think of it, it has been an interesting year!