Sunday, January 14, 2007

Walk the Line

So I ask myself, "why do I walk in a straight line?" Not metaphorically, literally. I mean, I'm conditioned to do it; there are simple explanations for it, but none which led to a proper objective.

This is the most obvious - I walk in a straight line because it is the shortest distance between two points, I take this route to save time, so I can do more with the time I've saved. On my way home from office? On my evening walk? What's the hurry?

I save time so I can spend it on other activities. Are other activities always more important?

Spending time on other constructive activities will make me a better person. Absolutely sure?

I can earn more if I'm efficient and do things on time/before time. Sure, money matters. So I'll walk in a straight line when I'm on my way to a business meeting.

Bottom line is - I think I'm being conditioned to behave in a specific manner, and I don't know why. Why do I walk in a straight line when I'm out for a brisk walk to get some air? Do I have to jog in a straight line when I want to burn some calories?
Philosophical questions?


mandar talvekar said...

You need to:
a)First get drunk so that you stray off the narrow and the straight literally.
b)Take the scenic route to office and back everyday.Remember if the journey is more important than arriving, you have to take the longer route to your destination.
c)Realize that you can never be a better person and go completely off the straight path to the dark side.
d)Be happy. Be gay.

priti said...

"Are other important are always more important?"

What does this mean?

iNFiNiteSaDNeSS said...

Priti, you have yet again managed to spot typos in my post I'm thinking of having all my posts proof read by you before I publish them.

Priti said...

God is in the details, they say. :)

Actually, Ru and Su taught me to be meticulous while I was doing what you think I was doing.

Anonymous said...

Your queries are philosophical but not really illogical…they do seem a bit obnoxious (rather out of the box-to be in a positive mode), but somewhere they glaringly reinforce the pangs of loneliness that seem to be engulfing you every moment. I might be wrong…I mean I might be going overboard with my assumptions about you…probably you’re not at all the lonely heart, I’m somehow assuming you to be, probably you’re not the shy and introvert individual, I am assuming you to be…so please pardon me for all my preconceived ideas about you.
At times, in life you come across people whom you’ve never met, never seen or even heard…yet for some even and odd reasons you tend to identify yourself with them. Perhaps it’s something like that which is compelling me to post a comment here. Somehow I could smell a strong essence of biting pain in your writings. The humane reactions to the common everyday events that you essentially try to portray is perhaps what brings your writing closer to real life and real life is all about pain and loss…at least that’s what echoes in every line you write. It’s either an apprehension, or fear of failure, a sense of loss, uncertainty and throbbing loneliness or sometimes sheer sadness…and self pity that’s dominant in all your posts.
Why do you always portray yourself as a loser? Why is the girl at the coffee shop not in love with you? Why do you have to spend the Diwali all alone…missing all the lights, fun, frolic and mom’s delicacies? Why do you think you lack the qualities of a good suitor? Why do sad memories need to haunt the lady to remind her of the sand pushing up between her toes? Why do you think you’ll be able to bag only the ‘extra’ and spot boyish kindda roles if you were in the movies? Why do you have to equate your aspirations with the way in which you walk…for god’s sake! Why do you name yourself ‘Infinitesadness’? I mean…are you some kind of epitome of pain and sadness…eh! Seems 24x7 you are fighting some kind of battle against the world and your own self! Seems every morning you wake up and discover ‘one more’ negative aspect of your character. Pathetic!!!
But, all said and done…it’s your blog…your life…and above all your mind…you can think whatever you wish to and portray yourself as whoever you desire and I am no damn person to comment on this…but frankly speaking, I am curious…I know curiosity is a sin, but hey, we don’t know each other and am not at all trying to encroach on your privacy—just that, as I said initially, at times at some far flung corner of the world you suddenly come across a person who just seem to think the very way that you do…seems that the person is unknowingly narrating the story of your life and emoting the exact feelings that haunts you day in and day out. I mean…when I first read your blog, I was literally taken aback…it seemed really eerie…how could a person who doesn’t know me echo the same things that I’ve been feeling!!! I know I am sounding crazy…and stupid…but just couldn’t stop myself from sharing it with you…
Please be happy…please smile more often than you normally do…I know, life gives you a hundred reasons to crib over, but it also gives you a millions of reasons to be happy for…am sure one day you will get everything that you want in life—a dream job to work on, lots of money to fulfill all your needs and of course, a doting wife to take care of your loneliness and take away your infinitesadness!